♥You said it's dangerous to be so intimate (scatteredtrash) wrote,
♥You said it's dangerous to be so intimate

ahh yet another day closer to school vacation. i just need all of this to be over. yesterday i decided i need to go out and find an extra job for the summer because im not making enough money right now for what i need. so we shall see what happens. yesterday i went to work. meh it went well. got off to a rough start and fucked up on the cash register but in the end it worked out. then ben and adam came to pick me up to take me to robins house.first of course stopping for liquer. everyone was there. we had a birthday celebration for adam. adam may or may not drive me to mass. we shall see. 

on other words not much else is up i work today tommorrow AND the next day 1-7 that should say it all.

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