♥You said it's dangerous to be so intimate (scatteredtrash) wrote,
♥You said it's dangerous to be so intimate

i do not i repeat I DO NOT want to have to show up at work. im pissed about the whole situation really. hopefully its not going to be as bad as i am imagining and the keep me. we shall see. i know it was a mistake they could look past if they want to but at the same time im not so sure they will keep me if they know i cost them over 50 dollars in a day. lets just say yesterday was a bad day and hopefully i dont get what i truley deserve. hopefully this once i shall be saved of my insane ness.

side note. im tired i was up all night worrying. and i want to start my own business something i can do. nothing with art because lets face it im not artist and nothing with food because my sister already has that handled so what shall i do?

i have the most hated class next period and there is the damm bell.

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