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okay so this week has been insane due to the fact i cant stop bleeding and getting annoying cramps. but

-ive been working and loving it.
-been making money and actually saving.
-i know a friend who will GIVE me a prom dress if it fits.
-it sorta makes me feel like im a charity case, which i kinda am.
-or i know where i can buy one for a $1.00, yes one dollar.
-im going to m.a. for a bible study weekens on the 7th-the 9th.
-still havent figured out how im getting there.
-and that will force me to spend all the money i tried so hard to save.
-im going to AC MOORE to buy card supplies.
-i recently sent a letter to my grandmother (in florida) still no response.
-also sent a letter to anabella (i miss her more than i can speak about).
-tim is asking me too maney Q's that i have been avoiding (till i see him).
-me and my dad fought over addictions over the phone.
-ive been craving drugs or beer but have been surpressing it.
-i gained all my weight back after loosing it.
-i finally cleaned my room and did laundry.
-i may not graduate due to attendance.
-i feel like puking.
-i want to make things but im not artistic.
-i miss my mom and grandomother.
-i wish i was a better sister, daughter, grandaughter, aunt, and friend.
-i need to shower but im at school.
-i need a car.
-need to learn how to drive.
-i want to take pottery classes.
-but i cant get there.
-someone pulled the fire alram 3 time yetserday. i was only there for one.
-i want to take a 7th month course at a tec school to be able to build and fix engines to big rigs.
-i need to buy a new bra.
-i need a hair cut.
-and new sneakers.
-but i am not spending the money.
-someone just called me oprah. (for no reason.)
-i donated blood last week, a whole pint. (still have a bruise)
-i want to go to six flags.
-i wish i had the money to pay bills off for three months in advance.
-i want to fix the backyard for cadi and ben but i know i cant do it on my own.
-i want to get a pet.
-i want to drop out of school.
-how does it feel to want? (amazing.)
-my throat hurts from ginger ale(real ginger makes you feel like your swallowing razorblades.)
-i wish i could swallow razorblades.
-my teacher is trying to kill me.
-i miss being 4 years old.
-will i ever change the way i think?
-i hope so.

have a good day everyone.! i know mine has already kicked off to a fantastic start.(nope i lied)
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