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this weekend was really fun i had an amazing time minus the whole sprained ankle thing- i was square dancing. :D and i actaully had alot of fun. who knew bens sister wsa so much fun to hang out with? well it was great. this weekend tim is coming with his dad. im sorta excited but nervous at the same time ya know? meh. this week i need to :

-call jesse.
-clean my room
-make appointments
-magically fix my ankle
-most likey work
-got to prom
-and fucking love everything while i do it.

meh im in school. not supposed to be on the computer. but i thought it to be neccesary. cant wait to graduate. im already planning my party! i need to send invitations out. i need to make them soon.

today i got my paper back in health. the teacher (ms.cancio)told me she would pray for me. sometimes i just need a knew life. a few more years i will be ready to change again.
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